Fleet Formula Winter Fuel Treatment

Fleet Formula Winter Fuel Treatment

Benefit From Winter Protection

Fleet Formula Winter Fuel Treatment is based on the proven technology of FPPF's Fuel Power blended and formulated as a concentrated easy to use product for any user with bulk fuel storage. Fleet Formula will stop fuel from Gelling, prevent fuel line freeze-ups, remove water, stabilize fuel, clean fuel tanks, pumps, and injectors.

Depending on the outside air temperature (click here to see chart) the handy one gallon plastic jug will treat up to 7500 gallons (the size of most delivery trucks). Just pour a jug into the storage tank before unloading the tanker load into it. This safe, clean, simple method assures proper dosage and mixing for best results.

Used regularly, Fleet Formula Winter Fuel Treatment can offer the following benefits:

  • Stops Fuel From Gelling.
  • Prevents Icing.
  • Totally Dissipates Water.
  • Cleans Pumps and Injectors.
  • Stabilizes Fuel.
  • Adds Lubricity.
  • Meets L-10 Standard.
  • Meets N-14 Standard.
  • Improves Fuel Economy.

Available in 3 size(s)

Description Item No. Treats (gal.) Case Count
1 Gal Bottle na 1,500 - 7,500 4
5 Gal Pail na 7,500 - 37,500 1
55 Gal Drum na 82-500 - 412,500 1