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FPPF Chemical Company Inc., is a leading U.S. manufacturer of fuel additives, treatments and conditioners, and was founded in 1975 by Mr. Chris Lory, a Buffalo, New York entrepreneur.

FPPF was created to fulfill the strong market demand for improved diesel fuel treatments.

In the 1970’s, declining fuel quality and increasing fuel costs were serious concerns for the trucking industry. FPPF scientists set upon the task of developing a completely different, more effective diesel additive and thus created Fuel Power, today’s leading year-round diesel fuel treatment.

FPPF Chemical Company next significantly expanded its product line and its marketing effort to both Truckstop and Heavy Duty trucking markets by building a strong distributor network. This network included oil jobbers, Truckstop distributors and heavy-duty parts retailers.

In 1978, FPPF entered the heating oil additive market by developing a new and vastly superior heating oil treatment called HOT 4 in 1. This was the first additive to effectively treat heating oil and related fuels. HOT has become synonymous with heating oil treatment technology. HOT is distributed through leading heating and air conditioning wholesalers and heating oil suppliers in the United States and Canada.

Over the years, FPPF’s highly skilled technical personnel have developed many new specialty products that subsequently have been added to the company’s expanding product line. These include: Lubricity Plus Fuel Power, 8+ Cetane, Killem (Biocide), Marine Formula, Total Power (Complete multifunctional additive), Polar Power (Cold Weather Diesel Fuel Treatment), FPPF 4000 (Cooling System Treatment),  FPPF Gas Treatment and a complete line of  Aerosol Products  and Cleaners. Recently, the most technologically advanced Biodiesel Fuel Additives on the market today now augment FPPF’s complete line of high-quality products.

Today, FPPF Chemical is one of the leading Global fuel additive companies with distributors in all fifty states, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Australia. Virtually every Truckstop in North America handles FPPF products.

FPPF continues to expand its worldwide business by pursuing aggressive research and development of new quality products designed to fill the needs of an ever-changing marketplace!