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  • Did you know Asphaltenes are a component of diesel fuels and can cause serious filter plugging year round? FPPF’s Super Fuel Stabilizer eliminates asphaltene problems.
  • Did you know FPPF’s Killem Biocide can be used in all Diesel Fuel blends and in gasoline, kerosene and heavy fuels?
  • Did you know the number one problem with diesel fuel is water? FPPF’s Fuel Power and related products totally eliminate all forms of water in fuel.
  • Did you know FPPF’s Polar Power and Total Power treat twice the amount of diesel fuel versus the competitions’ products? The added bonus is both Polar Power and the Total Power have out performed all the competition in independent laboratory tests for the last ten years.
  • Did you know bacteria in fuel will only grow if water is present? FPPF’s Fuel Power and related Products, if used regularly, will eliminate water that can cause bacteria and fuel slime.
  • Did you know diesel soaps can plug fuel filters all year and are a result of inconsistent refinery processing? FPPF’s Diesel Fuel injector cleaner prevents the formation of diesel fuel soaps in both fuel tanks and in the vehicle.
  • Did you know Diesel Fuel Cetane is the most important factor contributing to good fuel mileage? FPPF’s 8+ Cetane Improver is the most potent Cetane improver on the market today and when used at standard treat ratio it should result in a 4.7% improvement in fuel mileage.
  • Did you know FPPF’s Melt Down diesel fuel emergency degelling fuel additive is the most effective fuel degeller in private laboratory tests? Also Melt Down was recently used to degel the fuel in a truck delivering our competitors’ products, “Oh the Irony!”
  • Did you know that FPPF’s Trailer Brightener is twice as potent as most other acid washes on the market today? It also works well on Magnesium Chloride vehicle stains in states that use “Mag Chloride”.
  • Did you know that FPPF Auto/Truck Formula is the single most potent fuel additive on the market today? Auto/Truck Formula has a maximum dosage of anti-gel, water absorber, cetane improver, fuel stabilizer, injector cleaner and lubricity improver, all in one bottle.
  • Did you know current ethanol/gasoline blends are more susceptible to harmful water/fuel phasing/separation? FPPF Gas Treatment and FPPF Marine Ethanol Gas Treatment are highly effective in preventing fuel phasing. They are formulated with a maximum dosage of all active ingredients that eliminate fuel phasing.
  • Did you know it is still important to add an SCA (Supplemental Coolant Additive) to your coolant systems? FPPF’s 4000 is the original Molybdenum based SCA and can be used with all coolant products except the organic acid systems (ie Dex cool).
  • Did you know FPPF’s Big Red Grease aerosol sprays on as a thin liquid but quickly turns into a permanent thick grease with excellent high temperature protection performance? It will get into small areas requiring protection at the same time, has maximum adhesion for high speed gear applications. It can also be used on the 5th wheel.
  • Did you know FPPF’s Lubricity plus Fuel Power provides the most lubricity improvement of any major lubricity additive on the market today?,and that is when used at standard treat ratios. Lubricity plus Fuel Power also eliminates water, boosts Cetane and cleans injectors at low cost , per treated gallon.