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Marine Diesel Fuel Treatment


Product Description

Totally disperses water!

FPPF Marine Diesel Fuel Treatment is a highly concentrated fuel treatment for #2 Diesel (high and low sulfur), #1 Diesel, #4 Fuel Oil, #6 Bunker Fuel, and all grades of gasoline. FPPF Marine Diesel Fuel Treatment stabilizes fuel in several ways because it totally disperses water. Water is the number one problem in any petroleum-based fuel system.  These plug filters and the waste products of algae and bacteria are acids that cause tank, fuel pump, and fuel injector corrosion. Water passing through pumps and fuel injectors can severely damage these delicate parts. 

Used regularly, Marine Formula Diesel Fuel Treatment can offer the following benefits:

  • Totally disperses water
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Prevents icing, controls waxing and gelling
  • Controls fuel system varnish, gum, sludge, and corrosion
  • Decarbonizes and cleans fuel injectors
  • Stabilizes all fuels, reduces oxidation
  • Reduces exhaust smoke, NO emissions
  • Lubricates cylinder walls and fuel injectors for extended engine life
  • Improves cetane level for easier starting, increased power, quieter, smoother running

FPPF Marine Formula has powerful components that clean and protect fuel injectors and fuel pumps, controls fuel system algae and bacteria, Marine formula improves fuel cetane, this provides more power, easier starting, quieter running, and lower fuel consumption.

FPPF Marine Formula contains NO harmful alcohols, naphtha or other petroleum distillates.

FPPF Marine Formula should be used every time you fuel. It should be added before fueling at the ratio 32 fl. oz.: 375 gallons. This is a year ’round formula. In cases where a known water problem exists, double dosing will speed water removal.

Note: When operating under extremely cold weather conditions (10 degrees or less) for extended periods (more than 48 hours), it is strongly recommended that you use FPPF Polar Power for the ultimate in cold weather protection.

Available in 3 sizes

Description Item No. Treats (gal.) Case Count
32 oz. Bottle 00165 375 12
5 Gal Pail* 00166P 7,500 1
55 Gal Drum* 00167 82,500 1

*Bilingual Labeling, French/English