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Trailer Brightener


Product Description

Premium Acid Enhanced Trailer Brightener Formula

Ordinary detergents and solvents are ineffective on tough metal-cleaning jobs. FPPF Trailer Brightener’s formula has a powerful acid formula to chemically clean oxidation from aluminum and stainless steel, and to remove light corrosion. Trailer Brightener’s combination of detergents and solvents attack stubborn cleaning problems like dirt, grime, and road film, restoring a bright new appearance.

Trailer Brightener can be used with hot or cold water and can be used with pressure automatic equipment or applied by hand.

Trailer Brightener:

  • Acid Enhanced
  • For use on aluminum and stainless steel
  • Outperforms competitive cleaners in independent test
  • Renews original lustre
  • Thoroughly cleans and brightens by removing dirt, grime, corrosion and road film

This product is biodegradable.

Available in 3 sizes

Description Item No. Treats (gal.) Case Count
1 Gal Bottle* 00356 50-75 4
5 Gal Pail* 00357P 250-375 1
55 Gal Drum* 00358 2,750-4,125 1

*Bilingual Labeling, French/English