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Over the years, FPPF’s highly skilled technical personnel have developed many new specialty products that subsequently have been added to the company’s expanding product line. These include: Lubricity Plus Fuel Power, 8+ Cetane, Killem (Biocide), Marine Formula, Total Power – Complete multifunctional additive, Polar Power – “Cold Weather Diesel Fuel Treatment”, FPPF 4000 – “Cooling System Treatment”,  FPPF Gas Treatment and a complete line of Aerosol Products and Cleaners. Recently – the most technologically advanced Biodiesel Fuel Additives on the market today now augment FPPF’s complete line of high-quality products.


Today, FPPF Chemical Co. is one of the leading Global fuel additive companies with distributors in all fifty states, Canada, Latin America, Europe and Australia. Virtually every Truckstop in North America handles FPPF products. FPPF continues to expand its worldwide business by pursuing aggressive research and development of new quality products designed to fill the needs of an ever-changing marketplace!