Custom Fuel Program

FPPF treats every FUEL differently.

When you want high performance and low costs, you need the FPPF Customized Premium Diesel Fuel Treatment System. Our experienced team customizes fuel treatment programs based on your specific needs, allowing you the luxury of knowing your fuel performs at its highest level for the lowest costs possible.

Pay less, EMIT LESS.

Vehicles powered by diesel fuel are always a target in today’s environmentally-conscious society. And with the growing concern of global air pollution, emissions regulations are only going to become stricter. FPPF formulates fuel treatments to reduce harmful emissions and provide peak performance out of new, low sulfur diesel fuel. Stay ahead of the competition and get more compliant before you have to with FPPF.

Laying the fuel treatment FOUNDATION.

The standard FPPF diesel fuel treatment formula includes:

- Water eliminator
- Injection cleanser
- Smoke and emission reducer

From there, our laboratory and chemical staff assess your fuel factors to provide a completely tailored treatment that works for you.

Add more based on your NEEDS.

When you’re with FPPF for the long haul, your diesel fuel is boosted with benefits such as:

- Improved lubricity
- Improved cetane
- Inhibited corrosion
- Stabilized storage
- Fortified water eliminator
- Improved anti-gelling and flow
- Advanced detergents

And your custom fuel treatments are available in 55 gallon drums, tote bins or in bulk format.

Ready to run cleaner FOR LONGER?

Contact FPPF today or call 1-800-635-3773 to begin your Custom Premium Diesel Fuel Program.
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