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Product Feature Comparison

Find the perfect FPPF product for your needs. To use the product feature comparison tool, select one or more of the desired features. As you make your selection(s) the product list below will automatically narrow down, showing the products with those selected features. Your active choices are highlighted in red. To start over, tap or click the Show All button.
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100% Soluble in All Fuel Oils
Alcohol Free
Can Be Used in Both Gasoline & Diesel Fuel
Cetane Improver
Cleans Injectors
Controls Icing
Controls Sludge
Corrosion Inhibitor
Decarbonizes Combustion Chamber
EPA Approved Biocide
Fuel Stabilizer
Greater Engine Efficiency
Hydrogen Polar Bonding
Increased Fuel Economy
Increases Combustion
Long Term Stabilizer / Metal Deactivator
Lowers Cold Filter Plug Point
Lubricant (Exceeds HFRR)
Lubricates Fuel System (Meets HFRR)
More Power
Pour Point Depressant
Prevents Formation of Acids
Raises Cetane Up To 8 Points
Re-Liquifies Gelled Fuel
Reduces Asphaltenes
Reduces Regen
Removes Gum & Varnish
Seed Crystal Modifier
Surface Tension Reducer
Water Eliminator
Wax Dispersant