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Hot All In 1

The #1 Most Recognized Heating Oil Treatment

Water finds any number of ways into all types of heating fuel oil and must be taken seriously. And the larger the tank, the more water there is to treat. Oil pumped from a cold delivery truck tank into a warm basement tank causes condensation. Water can even enter a tank when it is being filled during a rain or snow storm. When water interfaces with fuel oil, algae is produced in the form of sludge. Water pulls the gum from the fuel oil which builds up on the burner parts as varnish. And it all must be eliminated. Disperse harmful water, wax and gel with FPPF HOT All in 1. HOT All in 1 is a concentrated heating oil treatment that provides superior winter, as well as year-round, protection for outside, inside and underground oil storage tanks. HOT All in 1 can also be used to prevent sludge and algae in bio heating oil. It disperses the normal accumulation of water in your tank and transforms it into a combustible solution. Stay warm with water-free heating oil by using FPPF HOT All in 1.

HOT All in 1 is a concentrated heating oil and bio-fuel treatment designed to control waxing, gelling and ice formation to name a few. HOT All in 1 contains a dispersant for wax, a crystal modifier to prevent plugging and last but certainly not least water dispersant. When platelets come out of solution (cloud point of fuel), wax particles will not pass through filters. Some have a positive charge while others have negative charges. Once crystalized they combine and cause gelling in your system. When you add HOT All in 1 upon fueling, they both become positive and the HOT All in 1 polarizes the crystals. The two positives repel each other, thus dispersing the wax throughout the fuel so they can pass through the filters. Water and condensation enter your system via many different avenues. Enlisting a year-round FPPF Preventative Maintenance Program is the solution to avoiding the many costly problems which will occur. HOT All in 1 can be used in all heating oil systems such as steel, fiberglass and combination (inner tank consists of polyethylene composite, outer tank consists of galvanized steel).

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16 oz.
24 / 16 oz.
55 gal.
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