FPPF Makes Winter HOT

Those who have relied on HOT All in 1 Heating Oil Treatment in the past now that it’s a premium fuel additive. But, in order for a fuel marketer to advertise their oil as being a premium according to (NCWM) National Conference on Weights and Measures, it must meet at least two standards for fuel performance properties.

Low-Temperature Operability (Cold Flow Performance) 

HOT All in 1 disperses the water that causes fuel line and fuel filter icing. During the coldest days of winter, fuel oil in outdoor tanks can cease to flow. The reason is paraffin wax, which is always present in oil, develops crystals when the oil reaches its Cloud Point Temperature—the fuel temperature at which paraffin wax crystals begin to form in fuel. When these crystals are totally formed at the Pour Point Temperaturethe temperature at which fuel will no longer flow, the point at which fuel gels or turns solid—HOT All in 1 lowers the cold filter plug point (CFPP) and the pour point of fuel and prevents waxing and gelling. In addition, HOT All in 1 chemically surrounds the wax crystals, preventing the crystals from joining to form larger wax crystals. This allows the fuel to pass through filters at lower temperatures than fuel that is not treated.

Fuel Injector Cleanliness

HOT All in 1 contains a powerful corrosion-inhibiting agent which protects the metal surfaces of the entire system from oil tank to burner. HOT All in 1 also reduces the surface tension of the oil being burned. This optimizes atomization, improves the burning qualities of the fuel oil and increases the heat output. Overall operating efficiency is improved and carbon deposits are reduced. 

In addition to providing the above performance properties, HOT All in 1 will disperses water, reduces smoke and soot, removes sludge and cleans nozzles and the tank.           

While we are not able to tell you what the exact contents of our formula are, we will say that we use a vinyl co-polymer to prevent the wax platelets from sticking together. We use a combination of several of the very best commercially available products to accomplish this, and at higher ratios than any of our competitors. In addition, because our experience has shown that water forming ice crystals can cause flow problems, blockage and even give wax crystals something to grow around, we add a water dispersant to chemically bind the water molecules to the fuel to eliminate the possibility of ice melting.