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Lubricity Plus Fuel Power


Product Description

Year Round Diesel Treatment

Lubricity Plus Fuel Power is a superior year-round diesel fuel treatment that combines all the benefits of Fuel Power and the most effective ultra low sulfur lubricating technology available today. Additionally, Lubricity plus Fuel Power contains a cetane improver for better starting and smoother engine performance. This is the perfect diesel additive for most applications, excluding severe cold weather.

Used regularly, Lubricity Plus Fuel Power can offer the following benefits:

  • Contains a high concentration of superior lubricity improver
  • Helps prevent piston fuel pump wear
  • Improves fuel cetane
  • Exceeds HFRR and B.O.C.L.E. Lubricity standards
  • Helps prevent rotary fuel pump wear
  • Improves engine starting

Lubricity Plus Fuel Power contains no alcohols!

Available in 4 sizes

Description Item No. Treats (gal.) Case Count Case Weight
32 oz. Bottle 00105 250 12 28 lbs.
1 Gal 00110 1,000 4  
5 Gal Pail* 00112P 5,000 1 45 lbs.
55 Gal Drum* 00113 55,000 1  
French/English Labeling:
32 oz. Bottle 00223 250 12 28 lbs.
1 Gal 00401 1,000 4  

*Bilingual Labeling, French/English