Storage Maintenance Programs

FPPF SEPARATES the best from the rest.

FPPF manufactures high-quality heating fuel additives for both heating fuel and diesel fuel storage tanks. Each batch of fuel is an investment. And no two batches are the same. Protect your investment and your furnace operation with the FPPF fuel oil and diesel fuel storage maintenance programs.

SAFELY store fuel with FPPF.

Since diesel fuels and fuel oils are hydrocarbons, they inevitably oxidize and degrade over time. If water is present within the fuel — which is the case more often than not — bacteria, slime and reduced lubricity may result.
  • Increased fuel consumption
  • Increased exhaust emissions and possible emission violations
  • Decreased BTUs in furnaces
  • Harder starting for diesel-powered engines
  • Growth of bacteria, fungi and slime mats
  • Tank and piping corrosion
  • Furnace clogging and poisonous CO buildup
  • Clogged filters and failures
  • Increased nozzle wear and reduced lifespan
  • Increased injector wear and reduced injector life
  • Increased soot and deposit formation
  • Overall reduced furnace and engine efficiencies, higher operating costs and reduced lifespan

If you’re interested in learning more about our fuel oil and diesel oil storage maintenance programs, call 1.800.735.3773 to receive information and begin preliminary testing.

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