Beat the Summer Heat with FPPF Products

With summer in full effect, there’s only one way to beat the heat. Treat your diesel fuel with premium additives and formulations from FPPF. 

Beat the Heat

As temperatures continue to outside, your engine feels the heat inside as well. And the added pressure placed on your engine and fuel system can lead to several issues that can cost you time and money. Here are some of the premium FPPF fuel additives and treatments you can use to keep cool and ensure your engine runs at optimum efficiency. It’s also important to treat your fuel after the winter to prepare for the problems that can come along with the change of weather. 

The Heat Releases Unwanted SubstancesSBG

For instance, in the cooler months, the fuel in your tank may gel. When the warmer temperatures start to roll in, that gel begins to loosen and release unwanted moisture within your fuel. To eliminate any sludge that may have built up during the winter and spring, turn to FPPF SBG Fuel Oil Sludge Remover. The chemical base of SBG dissolves sludge into a combustible substance without clogging nozzles. And just one 32 oz bottle can treat up to 1,000 gallons of fuel, keeping you running clean throughout the dog days of summer. 

Not Just for the Farm — Agri Fuel Treatment

Harsh winter conditions take a toll on your engine. And it’s reflected in your fuel. So if fuel goes untreated, you’re losing out on mileage, combustion power and putting you and your machine at risk. FPPF Agri Fuel treatment removes water, and cleans your fuel while preventing bacterial growth, which can mean the difference between engine efficiency and engine failure in the hotter months. Agri Fuel is a customized formula that works with both gasoline and diesel fuels. Plus, it’s extremely helpful in the summer due to the fact that Agri Fuel treatment contains no alcohols that wear on your seals and gaskets. 

Keep It Clean — Diesel Injector Cleaner

The heat causes all sorts of added substances in fuel which can clog fuel injectors and nozzles. If fuel is left untreated, these substances build up gradually causing your engine to start slowly. It can also lead to greater emissions, more white and black exhaust smoke, less power and rough fuel mileage. That’s why it’s important to consistently treat your fuel with FPPF Diesel Injector Cleaner. It cleans and lubricates the ENTIRE fuel system, stabilizing your fuel and demulsifying water. 

Stay Strong All Summer Long — Liquid Muscle

The only way to guarantee a gel-free fuel, is to power up with FPPF Liquid Muscle. Not only does it add power by cleaning clogged intake valves and dirty injectors (which is a common problem in warmer climates), but Liquid Muscle reduces oxidation in fuel while maintaining a strong cetane number and BTU level. This product is great for year-round protection and actually works at optimum efficiency in summer months. Just one bottle treats up to 750 gallons of fuel. But don’t worry, overusing Liquid Muscle does not cause harm to your engine. 

The Importance of Year-Round Treatment

You should be thinking about treating your engine and diesel fuel well before the temperatures begin to rise. The best way to ensure reduced emissions and increased power is to treat your fuel year-round with FPPF.