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8+ Cetane Improver


Product Description

Increase Cetane – Increase Efficiency

Diesel engines function on the principle of Auto Ignition. The proper diesel fuel cetane number is critical to maximize engine performance. At present most diesel fuels have a cetane number considerably below the optimal for best engine performance. 8+ Cetane Improver will significantly raise cetane levels of your diesel fuel. This product is the most powerful cetane improver on the market today.

FPPF 8+ Cetane Improver provides:

  • Faster starting
  • Reduced smoke and emissions
  • Greater engine efficiencies
  • Reduced engine noise
  • Increased power and acceleration
  • Increased fuel mileage

Available in 3 sizes

Description Item No. Treats (gal.) Case Count
32 oz. Bottle* 00188 250 12
5 Gal Pail* 00122P 5000 1
55 Gal Drum* 00123 55,000 1

*Bilingual Labeling, French/English