The Best Fuel Treatments for Marine Engines

Marine Fuel Treatments

How do you keep your marine fuel clean and efficient while eliminating water when it’s all around? Treat your marine diesel (and gas) engines with the premium fuel additives from FPPF. Whether you’re out on the water for work or leisure, give your marine engine the best fuel possible with these marine-specific fuel treatments and additives. 

Marine Diesel Fuel Treatment

FPPF Marine Diesel Fuel Treatment completely eliminates water from diesel fuel. This helps prevent commonly occurring water-related fuel problems such as injector failure, sludge buildup and acid formation. When used regularly and at a ratio of 32 fluid ounces per 375 gallons, marine Diesel Fuel Treatment allows your watercraft to run smoother and more efficiently. Plus, in cases where water in fuel is more prevalent, you can double the dose of Marine Diesel Fuel treatment to expedite the water removal process. 

Marine Ethanol/Gas Formula

When you want to stay active on the water with a gas-powered vessel, you need the 100% active ingredients found in FPPF Marine Ethanol/Gas Formula. This formulation provides your marine engine with the type of multifunctional benefits that save you money and improve engine performance. Remove gum and varnish from your fuel tank that may have built up in storage. Control the growth of sludge during prime boating season. And stabilize your fuel to increase power, fuel economy and combustion. Also, this treatment will not harm or damage electronic fuel injection systems or engine sensors. 

Add Marine Ethanol/Gas Treatment directly to your fuel tank prior to fueling up to allow for the correct mixing to occur. The treatment is concentrated so one 16 oz bottle can treat up to 125 gallons of fuel. This FPPF product is recommended for all gasoline and ethanol blends including E-85.

8+ Cetane Improver

Increase cetane levels to improve engine performance. Marine diesel engines rely on auto ignition and the proper cetane number is critical to maximize your marine engine’s performance. To ensure optimum performance, it’s crucial that the fuel combustion occurs with the piston reaches the center, not before or after. FPPF 8+ Cetane Improver significantly raises cetane levels in the diesel fuel you put into your marine craft, improving mileage, reducing smoke and emissions and providing faster starting so you can get up and go. 


Microorganisms love breeding in fuel tanks. Especially during storage. FPPF Killem is an EPA-registered, oil-soluble product that kills harmful bacteria on contact. Keep your fuel and fuel tanks free of microorganisms. Eliminate slime mats and reduce tank corrosion all with Killem. 

Ultimate Marine Protection

All FPPF marine fuel treatment formulations are the result of extensive research and development. Our additive professionals leverage the latest cutting-edge advancements in chemical fuel additive technology from all around the world to provide everyone out on the water with the ultimate in marine fuel protection and treatment. 

To become more familiar with the entire team of marine fuel products (and washes), download the FPPF marine sell sheet.