Prepping for Winter

Hopefully, you’ve been preparing yourself and your vehicles for the harsh wintry conditions ahead all year. But if you haven’t, FPPF has you covered with a full lineup of winter fuel treatments and fuel additives formulated to keep you up and running during even the coldest of winter months

Melt Down

Maybe you haven’t been treating your fuel regularly during the summer and fall. That can lead to excess sludge and gel buildups within your tank. Those substances become extra harmful when the temperatures dip below freezing. When gel freezes and locks up your fuel system, you can rely on FPPF Melt Down to get you up and running in minutes. Formulated to treat up to 50 gallons at a time, Melt Down is an emergency roadside treatment that reliquifies gel in just 20 minutes without harming your fuel pump or nozzles. 

Polar Power

Stop losing time and money to the cold. Make sure you get every bit of fuel mileage out of your diesel during winter with FPPF Polar Power. Polar Power provides superior winter protection with improved low temperature handling characteristics. Equipped with antigelling, lubricity, water dispersant and the most advanced cold flow improver on the market, you’ll reap the benefits of cold starts and greater combustion when the temperatures plunge. 

Fuel Power

Nothing treats diesel fuel all year-round quite like Fuel Power. And it becomes increasingly effective during harsh winters. We formulated Fuel Power with a powerful combination of ingredients to eliminate water from fuel preventing fuel injector damage, fuel pump failure and sludge. It keeps your injectors clean and increases mileage and combustion so you can drive confidently in the cold. 

Total Power

The winter flurries bring fuel problems. Get total winter protection from FPPF Total Power. Total Power features our revolutionary anti-gelling agent as well as our most powerfully formulated additives so you get all of the benefits of our 8+ Cetane Improver, Diesel Injector Cleaner and Polar Power in one bottle. It lowers pour points while still meeting L-10, N-14, A.S.T.M. and B.O.C.L.E. standards, preparing your diesel fuel for the cold road ahead. 

HOT 4 in 1

Treating your fuel on the road during winter is difficult enough. Making sure your home heating oil is as efficient as it can be during frigid temperatures is equally tough. FPPF makes it easy with HOT 4 in 1. Water will always find its way into the haulers that deliver your home heating oil. Treat it and store it right by dispersing water and breaking up sludge with our specially formulated oil treatment. 

With winter right around the corner, it’s time to keep FPPF’s lineup of products—specifically formulated for the cold–on hand. Treat your fuel with the additives designed to keep you running better and longer in the harshest wintry conditions.