The Importance of Cleaning Fuel Injectors

If your fuel injectors are dirty or clogged, your engine is not performing to its optimum efficiency. With clogged or dirty fuel injector tips, your fuel injectors cannot properly and efficiently spray fuel which leads to poor combustion and an all-around loss of power within your system. This costs you valuable time and money. 

Cleaning Fuel Injectors Is Not an Option

You need to clean your fuel injectors, free them of deposits that build up over time and restore engine performance. Physically taking your fuel injectors apart to clean them can be difficult as they’re delicate and can easily break apart. The best way to safely clean your fuel injectors? FPPF premium fuel additives like Diesel Injector Cleaner, Lubricity Plus Fuel Power and Super Fuel Stabilizer. 

Super Fuel Stabilizer

FPPF Super Fuel Stabilizer is a highly concentrated additive formulated to not only break up and dissolve harmful sludge and clogs but also prevent future buildup in your fuel injectors. What’s more, Super Fuel Stabilizer works to clear fuel injectors without clogging filters and maintains clean filters and strainers. When you need a quick fix that leads to prolonged fuel injector lifespans, treat with FPPF Super Fuel Stabilizer. 

Lubricity Plus Fuel Power  

The mandated transition to ultra low sulfur diesel fuel was aimed at reducing fuel emissions and protecting the environment. However, ultra low sulfur diesel fuel is notoriously low on lubricity, which places added strain on your fuel injector system. FPPF Lubricity Plus Fuel Power is a unique combination of fuel injector cleaner, cetane improver and water and sludge remover. This fuel additive provides ultimate lubrication, making up for the lack of lubricity in ultra low sulfur diesel fuel. This fuel treatment—which can be used in both #2 and #1 diesel fuels—also ensures your fuel injectors stay free from clogging and buildups, ensuring optimum engine combustion. 

Diesel Injector Cleaner 

Clean and lubricate not only your fuel injectors but your entire fuel system while stabilizing the different diesel fuels you add to your tank and demulsifying water with one of the strongest injector cleaning products from FPPF—Diesel Injector Cleaner. Diesel Injector Cleaner is a highly concentrated, multi-functional formula of detergents, sludge and varnish removers, and fuel conditioners developed to keep your injectors clean and performing their best. It also improves your emissions with the FPPF formulation team developing the product to exceed all OEM depositing test performance criteria. 

Don’t Idle — Treat Regularly

If for some reason your engine’s performance does not improve over time with regular treatments, it may be time to address a larger (more expensive) possibility—shot fuel injectors. But treating your diesel fuel regularly with FPPF can save you time and money in the long haul. The more you’re aware that fuel deposits gradually build up over time (especially with frequent stops and starts) the more you can get out ahead of any larger fuel and engine problems in the future. 

Trust FPPF with your dirty injectors and break up harmful sludge and deposits to ensure you get the most mileage out of your diesel fuel.