For Every Fuel Problem, FPPF Has a Solution

Is your diesel engine running rough? Are you not getting the fuel mileage you once were? Do you hold your breath hoping you won’t stall before the next truck stop? These are all signs of diesel fuel problems.

Bacteria and sludge buildup, water in your fuel, dirty or clogged fuel injectors, low cetane and asphaltenes are all common problems that arise with diesel fuel. And since all diesel fuels are different, it’s important to treat your fuel with high-quality products to help prevent corrosion, clean injectors, increase combustion, reduce water and harmful bacteria, and increase your diesel fuel mileage. The following premium FPPF products are specially formulated to solve common—and uncommon—problems that arise in your diesel fuel.

Water in Your Diesel Fuel
There’s no getting around water in diesel fuel. It’s always present. If there’s too much water in your diesel fuel, it can lead to slower starts, rougher running and even costly breakdowns. Because water is present in all fuels, it’s even more important to regularly treat your diesel fuel with specialized water eliminators. FPPF offers a variety of products that all work to quickly eliminate water from your diesel fuel. If you’re experiencing a problem with water in your fuel, we recommend the following FPPF products.

Fuel Power
When you want to completely treat your diesel fuel, choose FPPF Fuel Power. Fuel Power offers strong, year-round diesel fuel treatment as this concentrated formula treats up to 240 gallons totally dispersing water, cleaning injectors and helping to improve your fuel mileage. One of the best ways to eliminate water from your diesel fuel is to treat it all year-round with FPPF Fuel Power.

Total Power
FPPF offers the total water eliminator. Total Power is formulated to eliminate water and protect your diesel fuel in the harshest winter conditions. Stay on the road for longer and keep your fuel free from harmful water.

Both Fuel Power and Total Power formulations work to:

  • Encapsulate water by hydrogen polar bonding.
  • Improve lubricity since water reduces your fuel’s lubricity.
  • Prevent ice-ups in winter with anti-icing chemistry.
  • Stabilize fuel which prevents aging caused by the presence of water.
  • Maintains a clean fuel system with injector cleaner.
  • Increase cetane to maximize complete ignition of fuel mixture. (Total Power only.)

Sludge Buildups
Water in your diesel fuel tank causes other problems. Water promotes the growth of bacteria and the buildup of sludge. Bacteria and sludge can cause a whole new list of diesel engine problems including clogged filters and fuel injectors. FPPF has several products that kill bacteria and remove sludge buildup in diesel fuel and diesel fuel tanks.

Sludge Be Gone
The best way to dissolve sludge in your diesel fuel tank without clogging nozzles and maintaining clean filters in to treat with Sludge Be Gone. SBG is a concentrated sludge removal formula that treats up to 1000 gallons of #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and bunker fuels.

Slime and sludge create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Killem is both a fuel- and water-soluble, EPA-registered product kills bacteria on contact! FPPF formulated Killem to control the growth of bacteria and fungi in all fuels and oils as well as reduce tank corrosion, filter and injector plugging, exhaust smoke and excess carbon deposits.

Low Combustion Fuel
There are several ways to increase combustion in your diesel engine. One of the easiest and most effective ways to increase combustion is to increase your fuel’s cetane level. Low cetane numbers in diesel fuel make it more difficult to combust. FPPF has products that are specifically formulated to increase your fuel’s cetane number, sometimes by as many as eight points. Increasing your cetane levels makes your engines easier to start and burns fuel cleaner and more efficiently.

8+ Cetane Improver
FPPF’s 8+ Cetane Improver does exactly that: raises your fuel’s cetane level up to eight points. 8+ Cetane Improver is the most powerful cetane increaser on the market so if your engine is having difficulty with fuel combustion, perform at a higher level with FPPF.

Liquid Muscle
In addition to increasing cetane levels for better combustion, FPPF Liquid Muscle conditions all grades and blends of fuel to reduce pump and engine wear. Liquid Muscle increases your fuel’s cetane in all seasons.

Dirty Diesel Fuel Injectors
If you find your engine consuming more diesel fuel, more difficult to start, rougher idle running, not reaching full RPM, or failing emissions, you could be running with clogged or dirty injectors. Fuel injectors will inevitably get dirty. Whether it’s debris, dust, carbon or dirt, when your fuel injectors get clogged, the proper amount of diesel fuel isn’t provided. It’s important to clean your fuel injectors with specially formulated FPPF products.

Diesel Injector Cleaner
The best way to increase your diesel engine combustion is to treat with FPPF Diesel Injector Cleaner. This is a highly concentrated, multi-functional formula of detergents, sludge and varnish removers, and fuel conditioners that reduces regenerations and improves your emissions.

Lubricity Plus Fuel Power
This has all the benefits of FPPF Fuel Power with added lubricant. Ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels can create added problems, especially with regard to clogged fuel injectors. Treat your fuel regularly to ensure your fuel injectors are free and clear with Lubricity Plus Fuel Power.

Asphaltene Buildup
Have you noticed black particles floating in your diesel fuel? Maybe your fuel filters are blackened. These are signs of excess asphaltene buildup and they don’t go away with time. What are asphaltenes? It’s a black, tar-like substance that builds up in warmer climates and hotter-running engine conditions. And they don’t go away on their own. Stop wasting money. Get more out of your fuel by cleaning up the asphaltenes.

Super Fuel Stabilizer
Are you seeing white or black exhaust smoke? Kiss the asphaltenes goodbye. Decarbonize your fuel the right way with FPPF Super Fuel Stabilizer. Super Fuel Stabilizer prevents problems caused by asphaltenes in new fuel and can actually slow the aging process down, maximizing your fuel efficiency.

When you’re not getting the most out of your fuel and need your diesel engine to run more efficiently, treat it right. And remember, for every fuel problem, FPPF has a solution.

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