The 10 Best Diesel Fuel Additives You Can Buy

Fuel treatment programs require constant attention and specialized formulations. FPPF has been actively formulating and testing additives to address today’s and tomorrow’s fuel problems. We have over 45 years of experience working with injector shops and fleets all over the world.  Experience counts.

The following 10 products are the ones the professionals at FPPF recommend to treat your diesel fuel. Each additive is designed to target specific fuel inconsistencies. And with regular treatments, you can avoid engine problems such as low combustion, rough starts, blown injector tips, fuel gelling, costly breakdowns and more. 


  1. Total Power—FPPF formulated this premium fuel additive to check every box. Not only is it the best anti-gel product on the market, but Total Power reduces regens. Total Power is also a strong water dispersant, cetane improver, pour point depressant, and injector cleaner. Plus includes a stabilizer and anti corrosion inhibitor.  This is the ULTIMATE fuel additive and is #1 on our list!  This should be a part of everyone’s preventative maintenance program year ’round.
  2. Lubricity Plus Fuel PowerLubricity Plus Fuel Power is a superior, year-round fuel treatment that makes up for the low lubricity common in ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels. Eliminate water, stabilize fuel, control sludge, and reduce surface tension with a lubricant that exceeds EPA and Engine Manufacturer’s Association specifications on the HFRR scale.
  3. Fuel Power—The flagship of the FPPF family of premium fuel treatments, Fuel Power provides strong, year-round engine protection as it treats fuel for common problems like water, varnish buildup, low lubricity, acid formation, high surface tension, sludge, bacteria growth and low mileage and combustion. When you want to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your diesel fuel, be sure to treat it year-round with FPPF Fuel Power. 
  4. KILLEM – KILLEM is an EPA registered biocide that should be used to eliminate all forms of bacteria growing in fuel tanks.  We recommend KILLEM to be used a minimum of every spring and every fall.  Pair this with Fuel Power to rid your system of water and slime.
  5. Diesel Injector CleanerThis is a highly concentrated, multi-functional formula of detergents, sludge removers and fuel conditioners developed to exceed all OEM depositing test performance criteria. When used regularly, Diesel Injector Cleaner increases combustion in your engine, leading to increased fuel mileage and reduced asphaltenes. Diesel Injector Cleaner is also effective in the prevention of DPF plugging and reduces active, passive and forced regenerations!
  6. 8+ Cetane ImproverThis fuel additive increases combustion, engine efficiency, power and fuel mileage by boosting your fuel’s cetane level by up to eight points. And like the majority of FPPF products, 8+ Cetane Improver is 100% soluble and alcohol-free.
  7. Polar PowerPolar Power is the premier pour point depressant in the industry. With lab tested wax modifiers and the ability to get rid of water, Polar Power is the most effective product for reducing the Cold Filter Plug Point of anything you can use; so if you know you’re in for a long, harsh winter, treat your fuel right with FPPF Polar Power. 
  8. Fleet Formula—Pour Fleet Formula into your diesel fuel storage tank for the ultimate winter protection. Fleet Formula treats and stabilizes fuel by eliminating water, preventing fuel line freeze-ups and cleaning fuel tanks, pumps and injectors. 
  9. SBG—Intense heat, fuel impurities, water, dirt and other contaminants create sludge in your engine. And the best way to rid your engine of sludge, without clogging fuel nozzles, is to treat your diesel-powered engine with FPPF Sludge Be Gone. 
  10. Super Fuel Stabilizer—You want to get the most mileage out of your fuel. Nothing slows the aging process down like Super Fuel Stabilizer from FPPF. And it also prevents problems that arise from the presence of asphaltenes in new diesel fuels. Plus this product meets (and often exceeds) US Military and ASTM standards.  SFS not only acts as a stabilizer but also contains injector cleaner, cetane improver, water dispersant, corrosion inhibitors and metal de-activators.  This is perfect for bulk treating.